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This is us, Corinne and Raffael, standing on Ponte Luis, where it all began. In March 2021 we emigrated from Switzerland to Portugal, which is a great and ongoing adventure for us. For the past twenty years we have worked as a primary school teacher and an architect in Switzerland. There are many different things we have done in our lives, but so far we have never run a guesthouse or a hotel and that’s exactly what we are about to do.

We are very much looking forward to this challenge and are excited to create a place where people will love to stay and feel welcomed.

Corinne & Raffael


Casa Camélia

In spring 2015 we spent our holidays in Porto and fell so much in love with the city and its warm-hearted inhabitants that we decided to stay for good. Looking towards the houses on Ribeira we dreamed on a long forgotten dream – to run a small hotel somewhere in a beautiful place in the world.

When we first stepped into our Casa Camélia we intuitively knew that it was the one and our vision was to share this wonderful place with people from all around the world.

All big dreams start with an idea but many dreams get lost on the way to their realization. Only those who are nourished by big enthusiasm and joy will come true. In this project we have found an unbelievable source of joy. We have invested everything and are going to leave everything behind. We had to take bigger risks than we ever thought we could take, went through numerous ups and downs and our patience was challenged to its limits many times, but we never gave up.

We are very excited and can’t wait to open the doors of CASA CAMÉLIA in summer 2021 to our first guests.




We are living in an era where everything goes faster and faster. The modern art, contemporary architecture, trendy music or fashion, it’s all changing more quickly. No matter what you’ re looking at, technical inventions, medical achievements – the frequency the world is changing seems like a spinning wheel speeding up and up. The same happens with us, with our behaviour and the way we live together, our way of communication, how we think, eat, sleep or work.

We think the world more than ever needs people and places that do not follow this hustle and bustle, but rather go their own way.
Our intent is to create a place where people have time to reflect, reconsider, relax or just enjoy or linger around, away from the rush and noise, a place that doesn’t stand for short trends, but for timeless values;

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Raffael Kneubühler & Corinne Kneubühler-Winterberg

Rua da Bandeirinha 26, 4050-088 Porto
+351 965 427 555   [email protected]