Unique Manor House

in the heart of Porto


The historic manor house CASA CAMÉLIA is situated in the heart of Porto, only a short walk from the river Douro and Porto’s main sights, bars and restaurants.

The house dates back to the 18th century and has been a place of significant importance to the city ever since. Behind the house, hidden from the street, lies a romantic and vast private garden with a small forest of beautiful Camélia trees. The name of the house is not only in honor of these amazing flowering trees but also to the city of Porto, which is also called “The city of Camélias”.

In 2020, the house and its garden have been completely renovated and opened by the end of autumn 2021 to welcome guests from all around the world.


9 Rooms


Breakfast Buffet


Terrace and Garden





All nine rooms of CASA CAMÉLIA have a unique character and views on the River Douro, the garden or the surrounding neighbourhood. They have been individually decorated with unique wall paintings, relating to the city and the flowers that are found in the garden of the house, by famous local artist Marta Vilarinho de Freitas. All rooms are carefully designed to create an unforgettable experience for our guests.


A World Heritage

The fantastic and vibrant UNESCO World Heritage Site of Porto is situated on the banks of the River Douro and is only a stroll away from the Atlantic Ocean. There is a lot to see and do in Porto. The city features not only various fascinating historical and cultural attractions but also offers a wide range of activities. Over the past years, Porto has become one of Western Europe’s most recognised tourist destinations. It has just been elected “European City of the year 2020”.

Porto would not be Porto without its warm-hearted inhabitants. The friendliness and helpful attitude of the people towards tourists makes guests from all around the world feel warmly welcomed.


Every Room
a unique Artwork

The murals in our rooms show Marta Vilarinho de Freitas’ love for the detail in every single building she has drawn. Her great talent, her love for architecture and professional attitude towards everything she does make her a highly rewarded and appreciated artist.

She created pictures that tell stories about the city we all love from the bottom of our hearts… OPORTO

what to visit

The old town of Porto offers a huge variety of sights within walking distance. Amongst the main attractions are the beautifully aligned houses on Ribeira, the Casa da Música, the Livraria Lello, the Café Majestic, the historic trams or the wine cellars across Douro River and many more.


There is a wide range of activities to do in and around Porto, such as hiking, cycling, surfing and motorbike trips.


Sights nearby

There are many things to see and do around Porto. Visitors can join a tour through the stunningly beautiful and world famous Douro Valley, visit historical cities nearby, go on a hike in the wild and green Gerês National Park or stroll along the sandy beaches.

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